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Suggs Returns to Allison Legacy Series

Mooresville, NC | May 24th, 2021

Brett Suggs made his return back to the Allison Legacy Series this past weekend at Florence Motor Speedway, racing the No.5 Legacy Car for Campbell Motorsports. With his two years of experience from 2017-2018 in the series, Brett entered the weekend with high expectations but had a relaxed mindset knowing he wasn't there for points or pressure.

Since moving out of the Allison Legacy Series at the end of his championship season in 2018, Brett has been racing in the Southeast Super Trucks Series. The clear differences between the Super Truck and Legacy Car proved to be a challenge for Brett as he reacclimated himself to the different demands that this racecar offered.

"The Legacy Car has a whole lot less power compared to the truck. Having trust in the car to be able to fully open up the throttle by early exit has been the biggest difficulty since I have been so used to rolling back into the throttle in the high-horsepower provided by the 604 crate in the truck."

The last time Brett was in an Allison Legacy Car was 2018 at Concord Speedway. The high-speed triangle racetrack was where Brett won his 8th career victory and also claim the 2018 championship. This weekend trip to Florence was the first time Brett has ever race on this track, so it took him some time to find the speed he once had.

"Florence is unlike any other track I've been to. Especially in a legacy car, you have to carry so much momentum to be quick and that's what makes Florence tricky when trying to find the best line that allows you to carry that kind of speed."

About the Team

BSRM is a professional race team racing across short-tracks along the East Coast, currently touring the Southeast Super Truck Series. Approaching 16 consecutive years behind a racecar, Brett is 19 years old and attends High Point University. To inquire about potential partnership opportunities of any size, please reach out to BSRM at to arrange an appointment.

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